The Dermott’s Back in Town

A rare piece of good news in Leafs land this morning…

Dermott skating alongside Holl this morning , looks like he’s a go for tomorrow. #LeafsForever
— Paul Hendrick (@HennyTweets) October 28, 2019
That’s encouraging. Now let’s break down what it means to get the word count up on this post.
#1. This likely spells the immediate end of Kevin Gravel’s time with the Leafs. It was short lived. It wasn’t particularly good, although I think he can be better. It’s necessary to get the Leafs into roster and cap compliance, and it’s likely we’ll see him again at some point this season.
This might be a heartbreaker for those of you who want to see Martin Marincin launched into the sun, but I think his versatility of playing on either side of the ice and his more established relationship with the Leafs have earned him the 7th D spot for now, or at least until more significant roster cuts need to be made.
#2. Dermott is playing with Holl. This shouldn’t be too big a surprise, since he’s just coming back into the league and will need some time and breaking him in on the …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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