The Exceptional Player Status could help ease league cap issues and give the Leafs a nice advantage

The Leafs are a have team in a league that has no shortage of teams claiming to be have nots. The fact that we are expected to weep for billionaires in Ottawa and Florida who do not have profitable organizations and have the Leafs stymied by limited salary caps and the league’s ridiculous quest for parity is a pain in the ass for fans who just want to see the Leafs win a cup and don’t care if rules are bent to do it.
The free spending Quinn years are a reminder that the Leafs can’t simply go out and buy a Cup, but they can come buy themselves into being in the conversation annually, and that’s why this suggestion from Kurt Overhardt is so intriguing…
Under this new system, each Club would be allowed to designate one Exception Player whose compensation would be excluded from the team’s salary cap considerations as well as the players’ share of the revenue split. The benefits of this system extend far past the Exception Player as an individual as there would now be more money in the pool available for his …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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