The Jays already have many parts of a successful team in place

I was at the final game before the Vlad era began. And as far as I’m concerned that’s being a part of Blue Jays history folks. It’s just as important to witness the end, as it is to be a part of the new beginning.
When I bought my tickets earlier in the month, I hoped to see ‘the prince that was promised’ donning blue that early evening, but instead I saw a bunch of children wearing Superman capes running around the concourse high on sugar and Kevin Pillar madness. I wasn’t high on anything, especially Kevin Pillar madness.
I was sober because I don’t drink much these days. I spent 5 dollars on a bottle of water, soaked in nine innings of pretty bad baseball, and left with a Lourdes Gurriel Jr. bobblehead. It was made in China.
The Jays lost 4-0 to the Giants that night. There wasn’t any offence. There wasn’t much in the air, besides the heckles and jeers. It was baseball in Toronto how I remembered it: empty seats and mediocre players. The bad ol’ days. I still enjoyed myself though, taking in the atmosphere, the lights, and the …

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Author: Ryan Di Francesco / Blue Jays Nation

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