The Leafs are sitting on a mountain of wingers

Depth is good. This year has proved that, as the Leafs have suffered more than their fair share of injuries this season. I’m not knocking depth. The thing is cap space is pretty darn good too, and the Leafs spend an awful lot of it on forwards, and perhaps too much of it on wingers. According to the numbers on PuckPedia, 41% of the committed cap space for next season is spent on seven wingers (this includes Kerfoot as being on the wing, because finding a solid 3C for next season makes sense.)
Most of that money is obviously tied up in Marner and Nylander, and I’m not making a case for trading them. Nor am I making a case for trading Zach Hyman, assuming the Leafs can extend him at a reasonable cap hit this summer. This is more of an exploration into whether the wing is a place the Leafs can sacrifice some of their depth of skill in order to save a bit of money to spend on greater areas of need, such as a 3rd line center, or upgrading the blueline.
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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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