The Leafs have their team, now they have to play

It was no hidden secret that massive changes were coming. Every insider was saying that GM Kyle Dubas would be moving players around and trying to change what the Maple Leafs look like heading into the 2019-20 season.
Compared to how they finished last season, there was really only one option and expectation for the following year. Suffering yet another first-round loss and the second in a row to the rival Boston Bruins isn’t the best feeling for fandom or for the young franchise full of promise.
The outlook of this team felt inevitable at that moment — a great team that will always be in the top-10 during the regular season, maybe sprinkle a couple Presidents’ Trophies in there, but they would never fully take advantage of the talent on the roster. Each year would have its own excuse. A key injury to a star player or just a rough week for the goaltender.
It would certainly be overreaction to what was laying out there, sprawled out on the ice as they have yet to win their first true modern era playoff series, but it would have a sliver of truth lodged in there. That little voice in the …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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