The Leafs Nation Power Rankings: Depth, Defence, and Dominance

What’s going on, Toronto? Welcome to my weekly Top 5 Power Rankings! Each week I’ll be sharing my favourite moment of the week around the Maple Leafs. These moments could be hockey related, feel good moments, Twitter interactions, basically anything that stands out. Each new article will be released on Sunday’s and be sure to let me know what moments YOU think should be added in my Top 5.
Got it? Good! Let’s start.
5 – Canada Soccer 
Now I know that Canada Soccer has nothing to do with the NHL, the Maple Leafs or even Toronto but Canadian history was made this week and it needs to be talked about. 
Okay, onto the good stuff! Did you know that the last time the Canadian men’s soccer team beat Mexico in a World Cup Qualifying match was in 1976? Well, that all changed on November 16, 2021 at Commonwealth Stadium also known as “Iceteca” when John Herdman and company smashed a 45 year old record.
As much as the storyline was about breaking records and World Cup qualification, mother nature also wanted in on the action. With a massive snowstorm hitting the night before, both teams woke up with a big match to …

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Author: Caroline Szwed / The Leafs Nation

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