The Leafs powerplay doesn’t need fixing, but it could still be better

It goes without saying that if you write about the powerplay and schedule the post for the next day, there is guaranteed to be a powerplay goal. Nevertheless, this was never meant as a criticism of the Leafs powerplay, but a possible enhancement. Also, please note all stats are prior to the Leafs game and the Oiler game on November 16th.
The Leafs presently have the 7th best powerplay in the league. Is it wrong of us to still believe it can be better? Heading into Tuesday night’s game with Nashville, the Leafs are sitting at a 25% success rate, and they’ve picked up 11 goals on the PP so far this season in the first 16 games. This is pretty great considering that the Leafs are 26th in powerplay ice-time this year, something is both a combination of their powerplay success, but also speaks to the severally limited number of powerplays they receive, which sits at 44 powerplay attempts, good for 16th in the league. So maybe the refs aren’t completely out to get the Leafs, but certainly aren’t being done favours by them either.
Yes, things are going much better for the Leafs on the powerplay so far …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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