The Leafs’ recent win streak is surprisingly well-deserved

The recent four-game winning streak for our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs is a welcome respite from what was a really concerning October. The team looked lethargic, and it was honestly getting a bit desperate. What we were seeing felt like a continuation of the depressing finish to last season, exiting the playoffs in the first round yet again.
However, despite how things looked to start, it feels like it is starting to turn around. After victories against Detroit and Chicago that were, frankly, embarrassingly close, the Leafs put together a deserved dominant win over an admittedly faltering Vegas team, and then a well-fought victory over the three-peat-hopeful Tampa Bay Lightning.
I wanted to know: are these wins a mirage? Are the real Leafs the ones who were losing and looking terrible, or the ones winning and looking pretty solid?
The Leafs are now 11 games into the season, which is a really nice niche where we haven’t seen enough goals to let them determine team quality, so shot attempts are by far the best indicator of team quality. This because we’ve seen way more shot attempts, enough to somewhat reliably predict what might happen as the season rolls on.

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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