The Leafs will find a way to make the entry draft interesting

3 picks. That’s it. No first. Only 1 pick in the first four rounds. 3 picks. That’s pretty underwhelming for a team that has been at its best when developing its own players, and especially disappointing when you consider that the draft is one of the areas that Kyle Dubas has excelled during his time as Leafs GM. It’s largely that last point that has me convinced that the Leafs will be far more active than they are slated to be. History supports that.
The Kapanen trade
Last year the Leafs unloaded Kasperi Kapanen in advance of the entry draft to find their way back into the first round, and select Rodion Amirov. And while this draft isn’t as exciting as last years, the fact that this draft isn’t as exciting as last years also probably points to a lot more first round picks being in play than we’ve seen previously.
Presently there are some interesting options sitting with multiple draft picks. The fact that the Columbus Blue Jackets are sitting on three draft picks (including the Leafs) is certainly noteworthy, and given the Leafs and Blue Jackets tendency to hook up on trades, it will be …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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