The level of difficulty for the Leafs remaining schedule

The Leafs have 33 games remaining in the rest of the season. They are presently sitting four points back of a playoff spot. They are 10th in the conference in points. They are 10th in the conference in points percentage. It’s an uphill battle, but not impossible.

Not an impossible deficit to overcome, especially since the Leafs have been playing at a 67.3% points per game pace since Sheldon Keefe took over. Granted, I’m not making a case that what we’ve seen is sustainable, but I’d also argue that the 1-3-2 record of the last six games isn’t the true story on the Leafs either. If the truth falls closer to the being good side (which, all evidence around this team points to them being good) the Leafs are likely a team that makes the playoffs by the skin of teeth.
Will the schedule help or hurt the Leafs?
Well, let’s just look a few of the big numbers out there and try and put them into some context.
4 Remaining Back to Back Games
Back to backs are no fun, and can almost be taken as four guaranteed losses …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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