The Life of no Rielly

The Leafs have gone from having Mo Rielly to having no Rielly. Folks…
Alright, now that my general awfulness is out of the way we can focus on how the Leafs blueline which wasn’t particularly good to begin with now has the interesting challenge of playing without their top two defensemen in Jake Muzzin and Morgan Rielly.
Morgan Rielly has been slated as eight weeks at minimum he’ll be out, which would take him to March 9th as his return date. Recognizing that not all broken feet are equal, we know that Jake Muzzin also broke his foot and was listed as week to week. Using the Rielly timeline and going back to Muzzin’s date of injury on December 27th, we’d be looking at a possible return date of February 21st as the earliest. Interestingly enough, just in time for the trade deadline (please note I very much want Muzzin re-signed and the Leafs without him has only increased that feeling.)
Long and the short of it, the Leafs are incredibly short staffed, especially on the left side, which is terrifying given that the right side needed propping up from the …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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