The Maple Leafs tradability tiers for the summer of 2022

Often when we talk about trades on this site we focus largely on who the Leafs are targeting. We’ve made some passing mention of players that it makes sense to dump, but never really factor in who other teams would be calling the Leafs for or asking in return. In the spirit of that, here’s a list of 20 non-UFA assets the Leafs have to work with this offseason to consider. We’ll start with who will likely be returning and work toward the players who should hire moving trucks to beat the rush.
Auston Matthews: I truly like to believe that every player in the league is tradeable and there should be a price on anyone, but honestly why on earth would the Leafs even entertain the idea of moving on from a generational goal scoring talent, possibly Hart Trophy winner, their 1C, and guy who has developed a pretty good 200 foot game? If we want to pretend there is any chance of Matthews being on the move we’ll see what happens if he goes into his contract year without an extension, but as for right now there is absolutely no need to jump the gun and we go about our lives knowing that Matthews will be a Leaf.
Hard to im …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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