The Mark Shapiro Era Draft Retrospective: 2017

This year was the second draft with Mark Shapiro at the helm of the Blue Jays

Interestingly, 2022 will be the first draft since 2017 that the team had more than three draft picks in the first 100 picks. The Jays did a good job of acquiring two flamethrowing relievers, as well as a utility player and a catcher.
Logan Warmoth:
The Jays selected the versatile position player with the 22nd pick.
Unlike Zeuch, Warmoth is still in the Blue Jays organization, although he hasn’t been a top prospect for awhile. He was selected from the University of North Carolina as a junior, and has put up alright numbers in the minors.
In 1586 plate appearances, Warmoth has a .246/.337/.353 slash line with 20 homers. Before the pandemic, he had just 6 homers in 947 plate appearances. Since his move to Triple A in 2021, he has hit 14 homers in 639 plate appearances.
In 2021, his K% increased to a career high 33.2%, likely due to him trying to increase his power. He finished slashing .228/.350/.357 with nine homers and a wRC+ of 97 in 413 plate appearances.
He’s refined his power approach this season, as he’s hit five homers in 226 plate appearances. Notably, Warmoth’s K% has dropped to 26.5%.
While the 26-year-old can’t quite be considered a prospect anymore, his versatility and potential pop could help an MLB team in the future.
Nate Pearson:
Much like Bo Bichette, you know Nate Pearson. He was drafted with th …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

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