The May Consolidated Draft Rankings show a lot of consistency at the top followed by wide open 2nd and 3rd Rounds

A thing to do around this time of the year is to start looking at who are the top prospects heading into the NHL entry draft. This task is decidedly less fun when the team you follow isn’t picking until the 53rd overall pick over half way through the second round. The Kings, Ducks, Rangers, Hurricanes, Canadiens, and Senators are all currently scheduled to pick three times before the Leafs make their first selection.
The thing is, there’s not a lot of reason to believe the Leafs won’t be acquiring a draft pick or two. Maybe not in the first round, but it seems that with the need to shed salary and a lot of money being spent on the wing or about to be committed to the wing, the Leafs are going to deal some talent and talent tends to translate into first and second round picks.
We’ve got six more weeks to explore who is getting dealt and what they will bring in, so instead we’ll offer up the players that will motivate us to be supportive of the Leafs making trades for draft picks.
As I’ve done in the past, I’ …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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