The most and least stylish Maple Leafs

Two months after I ranked some of the Maple Leafs’ players Instagram accounts and we’re back to do a part two for this series.
If you remember the premise of the prior article, you’ll know that I ranked each player based on how aesthetically pleasing their feeds were. Mitch Marner won that contest because of his incredible profile picture and overall balance of photos.
However, I’m not too sure he wins this time around.
The top ten Leafs players Instagram accounts, and the absolute worst one
I’ll do the ranking in this article by pulling one of the Maple Leafs players’ photos from their Instagram and discus what I like and dislike about it before giving it my final rating.
Who’ll be the least fashionable I can find and who might be the best? Place your guesses and let’s go!
Last – Mitch Marner and Justin Holl

The reason I picked this photo for last place because it speaks ‘typical hockey player summer look’. Plain white/black t-shirt and while I cannot see what their bottoms are, I suspect they are six-inch inseam shorts.
Don’t get me wrong, I do love the look, but it does get a bit stale when you see almost every hockey player dress the exact same.
(If I had to choose between Holl or Marner, I’m going with Marner just based on the fact that when the Maple Leafs’ didn’t have a dress code in the bubble, Holl wore a Leafs tracksuit. He could’ve worn anything he wanted and he chose that.)
Note: Morgan Rielly, Michael Bunting, Ondrej Kase, Alex Kerfoot, and David Kampf all fell into the ‘typical hockey player look’ category and won’t be participating in this article.
5th place – Rasmus Sandin

Now, I know I said this classifies as the regular hockey look, but the shorts change that for me. I’m not too sure where these shorts are from but they look pretty darn good with a black t-shirt.
You also have to give credit to those sunglasses because they are SHARP.
7/10 for Sandin.
4th place – Jack Campbell

So, you might be thinking, “Nick, Campbell and Sandin’s fits are basically the same.” And my answer to that is, no, they are most definitely not.
Let’s s …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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