The NHL Needs its Own Kawhi Saga, Badly

The date on this glorious Tuesday afternoon is July 9th, 2019.
We’ve officially reached the dog days of the North American sports calendar, my friends; the MLB regular season won’t return from its annual All-Star break for another three days, NFL rookies won’t report to training camps until, at the earliest, July 17th, and the CFL is, uh, still a league, I guess.
And standing above them all in its towering glory is the NBA: the greatest reality show of all time.
Kicking off the June 30th free agency period with a game of musical chairs so chaotic it, at one point, caused Adrian Wojnarowski to tweet six different times within a span of 45 seconds (It happened. I saw it with my own two eyes), the NBA has managed to dominate both the Twittersphere and the news cycle at large for practically the entire summer thanks to a dizzying display of player movement and off-court intrigue.
It’s stunning, really. There is truly no such thing as a dull moment.
But the mayhem on Canada Day Eve was only the beginning. As the NBA world slept soundly at 2 am this past Saturday morning, Kawhi Leonard detonated a nuclear …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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