The NHL still wants to hold the draft in June

Despite having plans to finish up the 2020 playoffs as late as September, the NHL has reportedly sent a memo to teams on Friday suggesting the possibility of having the draft in June.

In this situation, the draft order would be put together based on points percentage when the league was paused. The bottom 15 teams would be put into an altered version of the draft lottery in which there was only one winner drawn and teams could only move up the draft board by a maximum of four spots.

Here’s the proposed first round. For playoff conditional picks, interpretation is “currently in a playoff spot” would trigger any conditional swaps.
— Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike) May 2, 2020

The Leafs don’t have their first-round pick this season because of an off-season deal that unloaded Patrick Marleau’s contact to the Carolina Hurricanes. That pick is top-10 protected, but Toronto would be one of the 16 teams not in the lottery, so the pick wouldn’t move up at all and it would be given to Carolina.
The more interesting situation would be all of the other conditional draft picks that are currently floating around in limbo. …

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

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