The Realist’s Guide to the 2020 Blue Jays

My tradition at this site for previewing the Blue Jays ahead of Opening Day is to take an optimistic, pessimistic, and realistic look at the team.

I walked through the rose-coloured-glasses, hope-springs-eternal, everything-can-and-will-go-right scenic route on Wednesday, outlining all of the upside on the roster and why it’s absolutely worth being excited about this group.
Since baseball is a cruel game designed to break your heart, we know deep down that the optimistic view is fool’s gold. So, next, I would take the pessimistic approach, in which everything can and will go wrong and we expect the worst.
But this season is a bit different. The doom-and-gloom approach ultimately boils down to Major League Baseball’s tightrope walk over the COVID-19 volcano going incredibly wrong. At the very worst, this season crashes into a wall and goes up in smoke. There’s really no need to write an entire article about how quickly things can implode as teams travel around the United States during a pandemic, I figure, so I’m just going to get into the Realist’s Guide to the 2020 Blue Jays.
I’ll kick this off by …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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