The revised Maple Leafs schedule is about as friendly as it can be

The Leafs have no shortage of games to make up after a number of postponements in December and January either due to COVID protocols or out of attempts at getting the Leafs playing in front of fans and generating ticket revenue.
The Leafs find themselves with 11 rescheduled games overall, including the two that were essentially moved to get the Leafs optimal home dates, and this has the Leafs with the highest number of make up games of all teams presently sitting in a playoff spot, and only the Senators, Canadiens, and Islanders have more games to make up overall. Suddenly that three week stretch without hockey in February has become very busy, but it always was going to be potentially busy for Leafs players as the Leafs could have had their roster core committed to the Olympics, so perhaps playing around the same number of games as they’d have in the Olympics and cutting out the travel and quarantine time in Beijing is still a net gain. Still, when you see the Panthers only making up 4 games, and the Lightning with 5, the deck seems a little stacked against the Leafs, although it could have been so much worse.
Here is the list of resched …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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