The Revisiting Series: Was the Mitch Marner contract worth it?

Welcome to The Revisiting Series where we, well, revisit things. 

The Mitch Marner era with the Toronto Maple Leafs has been… interesting. The Leafs got great value out of Marner’s ELC as they watched him pot 157 assists and 224 points in 241 games. He capped the three years off by scoring 94 points in 82 games in a contract year.
Surely, nothing crazy would happen and there wouldn’t be a media circus that followed him, his dad, Kyle Dubas, the team, NHL insiders and the entirety of Leafs Twitter for an entire offseason that caused undeniably large amounts of tension between basically every party involved, right?
But we all know how that went and that’s not the point of this article. What, instead, we’re getting at is whether or not his contract could be considered worth it one hockey shortened season in.
After the summer debacle that was, Marner ended up signing a deal with the Leafs that would see him get paid an AAV of $10.893-million over six seasons.
First off, it’s important to start by looking at the raw numbers. In 59 games this year, Marner scored 16 goals and 51 assists …

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Author: Zach Laing / The Leafs Nation

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