The Shapkins Defender Has Logged On

Dear Blue Jays Fan,
Are you weary of all the losing? Are you frustrated that good baseball seems to be too far over the horizon? Does seeing a picture of Mark Shapiro’s smile stretched unnaturally across his face like that of a robot trying to pass as human make you want to vomit with rage?
If so, you are not alone. It can’t be denied that the fan base is restless, and that’s among those who could still bear to watch. In fact, the vitriol coming from certain sectors has been so noxious that someone who wasn’t watching might think that the team had prolapsed to a level of badness so low as to embarrass the game of baseball itself.
But fear not, for The Shapkins Defenderis here to put a little rose colour back in your glasses and remind you that, despite what Hayden says, things are not as bad as they seem. Nor are the good times as distant as they may appear. And neither are the Shapkins duo doing anything particularly awful. In fact, they are doing just fine.
Now, I know you probably already have voices swirling around in your head, shouting …

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Author: Darragh / Blue Jays Nation

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