The Shapkins Defender – Running the Phases

Welcome to The Shapkins Defender, where I inhale your toxic screeds and spit out the fresh oxygen of optimism, like a tree that kind of understands WAR. (Just don’t ask me to explain it.)
Since my last piece was super long, I’ll try and keep this one short and sweet, both because it’s still sort of holiday time and because Shapiro and Atkins seem to require less defending these days. I wonder why that is.
Could it be because there’s a rumour they offered Gerrit Cole 300 million simoleons? And could it also be because that rumour actually seems somewhat plausible given that they subsequently spread over 100 million bucks on other pitchers, including Hyun-Jin Ryu? That’s all pretty fun!
With the heavy lifting of the offseason now complete and the calendar flipping over to a new year, many Jays fans are understandably turning their attentions to the regular season and dreaming of watching meaningful baseball come September. And while I occasionally get caught up in those fantasies myself, I think the more clear-eyed reality is that the Jays are probably closer to a .500 team than they are to being a …

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Author: Darragh / Blue Jays Nation

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