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Welcome to The Shapkins Defender, where I inhale your toxic screeds and spit out the fresh oxygen of optimism, like a tree that kind of understands WAR. (Just don’t ask me to explain it.)
For this edition, Mark Shapiro has come out into the light, joining the At The Letters podcast. If you are interested, the full podcast is worth a listen. Or if you don’t have the time, Ian Hunter already did a summary for Blue Jays Nation.
But Shapiro speaking is also fodder for the trolls, who are fodder for me! This link has 203 comments on it, as of this writing. And I masochistically waded through that feculent swamp to find a few truffles because… I love you.
Let’s get to it!
I’m back on this side of the pond N. America, the sheep still sheeping? Saw this the other day..The Rays in 2016 68 and 82…. 2017 80 82…. 2018 90 72….. 2019 96 66. Yup keep believing in the “rebuild”!!!! LOL. Shine boxes please go get them!– Steve Montana
Hey Shatkins shhh look what Tampa gets done when the front office tries! – Steve Montana
These were two comments by the same guy, back-to-back. What’s odd is that he seems to have a …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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