The Shapkins Defender – Stuck in the Middle with Blue (Jays)

Welcome to The Shapkins Defender, where I inhale your toxic screeds and spit out the fresh oxygen of optimism, like a tree that kind of understands WAR. (Just don’t ask me to explain it.) Let’s get to it!
For this edition, I am going to talk about Stealers Wheel. I mean, Wheeler’s deal. I saw lots of people voicing their displeasure on the Twitter, both with the fact that the Jays let him go and the cyborgian comments from Atkins after the fact. And while I completely understand the reaction, I’m not quite there myself. Let me try to explain.
First, I want to get into some nuance for a moment because the modern baseball landscape puts us fans in a bind, since the player compensation system is so broken. If this is something that concerns you as a person who has empathy for your fellow human beings, then you are likely to have two competing desires that perpetually exist side-by-side.
Players aren’t being paid enough, given that league revenues are up but player salaries are down. And since the baseball players are what I am paying to watch, I want more of my money …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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