The TLN 3 Stars: They had to lose sometime

You win some, you lose some. After five games of win some, I guess you could say the Leafs were due for some lose some. And while the Leafs weren’t as bad as their 2-4-1 start, they aren’t as good as their 10-1-0 follow up either, and tonight’s game was a course correction, but unfortunately a shutout and another lose to the Penguins which previously gave them a 7-1 shelling with have of Pittsburgh’s roster on the IR. The Leafs probably wanted this one and a 2-0 loss while moving the bar from a 7-1 blowout is something, it’s not going to make anyone feel good.
There really isn’t a lot that needs to be taken away from this one. There were Leafs opportunities across the board, they just didn’t finish. They had good looks, they hit some posts, but ultimately it wasn’t the Leafs overwhelming the Penguins in anyway. The Leafs played their offensive game, and Pittsburgh seemed to do their homework and knew what position they needed to be in to limit the success of the Leafs top two lines.
Defensively, you can’t hang a whole lot …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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