The TLN Three Stars: Leafs sneak past the Flames (Taylor’s Version)

As far as games that were scoreless through two periods go, this one wasn’t a bad one to watch. The Leafs once again were getting goalied by a goalie that has no business doing that well, and Campbell lasted into the third period, making it five scoreless periods of hockey for him since that game against Los Angeles he would certainly want back.
The Leafs in general were a mixed bag. You could call Auston Matthews invisible or at the very least disengaged for the entirety of regulation, but without question he was ready to put the Leafs on his shoulders during overtime.
You could partially hang the Flames goal on Marner, who did not pick up Kylington, and had a brain fart to start the breakout of the Flames zone, but he certainly made up for it, with an impressive offensive zone steal in the third, and manufactured a 2-1 with Jake Muzzin while shorthanded. Arguably that was one of the rare times you’d hope that Marner would shoot, but Muzzin put it an inch away from tying the game anyway, so you can’t fault Marner’s call.
If you want to worry about how the …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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