The Toronto Maple Leafs need to take it one game at a time

Wednesday night was much, much better.
After a couple of ugly results against the Florida Panthers, the Toronto Maple Leafs needed something much, much better in Game 4. It was do-or-die, and the Leafs played arguably their most complete game in quite some time. Great goaltending, excellent defending and even the Core Four showed up for the first time all series.
And now, we’re getting a fifth game back at Scotiabank Arena.
Given the temperature of Leafs Nation yesterday, it feels like a miracle. But the Buds are still in it, and the hype is starting to seep back in for the first time since the team beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round.
The Leafs played with an all-for-one mentality in Game 4, and that can’t waver if the Leafs are going to pull off a miracle here. They still need to win three more times if they’re going to do something only four teams have done in NHL history. We know the Leafs are capable of much better than we’ve seen, but there’s no room for mistakes moving forward.
Everyone knows that. So we can celebrate the effort we saw on Wednesday, but the mountain only gets higher from here. For as one-sided of a win-loss ratio this serie …

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Author: Steven Ellis / The Leafs Nation

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