There’s no “Goaltending Controversy” because it’s a double goalie league now

Freddy Andersen, the Leafs’ starter, has been bad. Jack Campbell, the team’s back-up, has been good. What do we have here? A good old fashioned Goaltending Controversy? Not quite. Not in 2020, at least.

The odds that we get at least one “GOALTENDING CONTROVERSY?!?” headline in Toronto before the end of the season are like 100%, right?
— draglikepull (@draglikepull) February 13, 2020

Goaltending has been a major topic of conversation in Toronto all season, mostly because it hasn’t been very good. Andersen, who had been one of the most valuable players on the team in recent years, is having the worst season of his career, while back-up Michael Hutchinson came nowhere close to getting the job done in his role.
All told, the two of them have produced a save percentage just a shade over .900 in all situations, which has played a very key role in the reason the team ranks 27th in the league in goals against and is currently fighting tooth and nail for a playoff spot.

What ails the Maple Leafs? A deep dive into grit, back-checking, leadership, and why the key to salvaging the season may ultimately come down to trading William Nylander.
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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

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