There’s no way the Tampa Bay Expo Rays of Montreal could be a thing, right?

There have been quiet, behind-the-scenes whispers about baseball returning to Montreal for quite some time now, but yesterday, the door got kicked down. Major League Baseball has granted the struggling Tampa Bay Rays permission to explore the possibility of splitting their home games between The Trop and Montreal.

Rays receive permission to explore possibility of a split-season between Tampa Bay and Montreal, Canada.
— MLB (@MLB) June 20, 2019

The Rays, as we know, play in a shit-hole of a stadium slammed in the middle of an inconvenient location. It’s less of a ballpark, you know, with the sights, and sounds, and lovely summer sky, and more of an abandoned Costco with a gross, muggy aesthetic that feels like it should be used exclusively for NRA conventions. Tropicana Field has played a key role in the team finishing either second last or dead last in attendance for the past decade.
Baseball in Tampa Bay is a massive issue right now. There’s no doubt that the Rays need an upgrade to their barn because The Trop is wildly inadequate, but the organization simply hasn’t been able to get the ball rolling on any kind of …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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