Thirty and Twenty? What would that look like?

So… I’m bored, okay? I could write the consensus prospect column I never got to when things were shuttered but let’s save that content until such time as it might be relevant, eh?
Since then basically, nothing has intrigued me enough to write it up. To be honest, most of it has been more along the lines of “I’m following this sport why again?” If you were going to speculate what Manfred could have done the last couple of years if he were trying to kill the sport are you sure you’d have proposed anything different? But I don’t want to detail all the ways he’s pissing people off. I have many dark thoughts about the insane five-round draft proposal but…*sigh*…moving on.
Anyway, the one thing that seemed maybe worth a little speculation (beyond the first-round pick in the draft which everyone is already all over – I want Lacy, assume we won’t get him – it’s that provision in the owner’s proposal about each team working with a 30 man roster and a 20 man “ …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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