Three Questions from the Raptors ahead of Game 2 vs. the Golden State Warriors

Jannelle Moore of Golden State of Mind was kind enough to provide some analysis on Game 1, and what changes to expect from the Warriors heading into Game 2. We spoke with Jannelle Moore of Golden State of Mind to hear the Bay Area take on Pascal Siakam, predictions for next game and potential strategic shifts on the defensive end:
Pascal Siakam has had to face incredibly tough defenders this postseason in Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid and now Draymond Green. How was he able to score so easily last night, despite being primarily guarded by one of the best defenders in the world?
There’s a reason why Pascal Siakam is considered to be the front runner for Most Improved Player, and he showed it on Thursday. With that being said, Pascal was able to score so easily because Draymond defended him passively. Before Game 1, Green didn’t have a feel for Siakam and was caught off guard by his drives and quickness. Green was also more concerned with providing protection in the paint than effectively guarding Pascal one-on-one.
HQ’s Take: I agree that Draymond didn’t seem too concerned with Pascal’s offense to start the game. This passivity proved …

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Author: Dylan Litman / Raptors HQ

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