TLN Predicts what the season will look like for Leafs players

Yesterday we gave you some team and league wide predictions, now as we inch closer to the start of the season I feel you can properly handle our predictions for the Leafs players.

Thought we’d start the group off with an easy one, and while Matthews expectedly did numbers here, it’s hard to argue that the other four couldn’t push for their chance at the title as well. Well maybe Brodie’s a stretch, but he’s also one hell of a defenseman and it’s nice to see the blueline get some love here.

Good chance that we were filling out the prediction questionnaire while watching a preseason game. And for full disclosure, yours truly forgot to put Kase on the drop down list, so those were two write-ins for Kase. Maybe he could have pushed Bunting harder if I was on my game. It’s the preseason for all of us.

Unlucky Pierre didn’t receive a lot of love here. Mikheyev and his rumoured trade request probably helped his case as well, and as for Liljegren, I want the TLN crew to know it wasn’t me this time who suggested Liljegren be traded, …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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