TLN Three Stars: SPOILER ALERT-David Rittich didn’t make the cut

The Leafs lost 6-3 to the Canucks. Their second loss to Canucks following their return from COVID. The Leafs five loss in a row. If you are looking for silver linings and optimism in this post, you’ll be disappointed. I mean, we still can scrape together three worthwhile Leafs for the three starts, but to say that goaltending was an issue was an understatement. To say I want to see Morgan Rielly and Justin Holl on the ice together, who be a damned lie. To say I understand what Alex Kerfoot does on a nightly basis and get why he’s on the second line, will only be met with a confused look, followed by my desire to curl up in the fetal position. This game was unfortunate from top to bottom, and the Leafs have not inspired much confidence after Kyle Dubas boldly went all in by trading draft picks for depth.
The Leafs did pick up a powerplay goal, and Marlies callup Adam Brooks picked up a short handed goal, but even the high points tonight were quickly deflated. So let’s get on with it. We can salvage three stars tonight, so let’s do it.
3 …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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