TLN Three Stars: The curse of the Irish

Ban alternative Leafs jerseys.
That’s it. All there is to it. The Leafs just can not win when wearing the St. Pats jerseys or the reverse retro jerseys or the reverse pats or st. retro or whatever. Just wear the regular home and away sweaters and be done with it.
Anyways. The Leafs lost. It was mostly Freddie’s fault. It sucks.

After 2
— Arjun (@_marlanderthews) March 20, 2021

Aside from a slow start while they got their legs under them after a lengthy break, the team played with intensity and even, at times, desperation. They outshot and outchanced the Flames. They did not get goalied. But they did get Freddie’d. The game ended as a 4-3 loss after the team battled back from not one but two 2-goal deficits to tie it up. Unfortunately, an early powerplay goal gave the Flames the lead back, and after giving up 2 goals early in the game – well, that’s all she wrote, folks.
It might seem silly to highlight 3 stars of the game in a loss, but there are players worth mentioning here, so let’s do it.
Three Stars
3rd Star: The Post
There was one shot by …

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Author: Mer / The Leafs Nation

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