TLN Top 20 Leafs: #2 Mitch Marner

No player has had to bear the weight of the Leafs’ latest playoff collapse more than Mitch Marner. That comes with the territory when you’re one of the team’s best players, you make the kind of money that Marner makes, and you fail to perform when it matters most – and make no mistake, he failed to perform when it mattered most. Despite all of that, despite the countless fingers that have been pointed Marner’s way since another season of Leafs hockey came to an unceremonious end, he didn’t lose that series against Montreal by himself. Far from it.
You wouldn’t know it by the narratives that have followed him around all offseason but Mitch Marner is one of the best players in the league – never mind on his own team – and he comes in at #2 on TLN’s countdown of the top Leafs. This Leafs’ core has to find some degree of postseason success this season or major changes could be coming to the entire organization. If they are indeed able to slay their playoff demons, Marner will likely be one of the biggest reasons why.
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Author: Nick Richard / The Leafs Nation

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