TLN’s Leafs draft day predictions

It’s draft day and Sonny Weaver better make a splash or else Anthony Molina is gonna have his ass.
It also means that our expectations are high and we are on the first day of the offseason where something is guaranteed to happen. The Leafs have a first round pick, at the very least they are trading down into the second round (please don’t do this, the draft is so insufferably slow, you can’t do this to us, Kyle.) A much more exciting outcome is that the Leafs actually make their pick or do literally anything in addition to making that pick. History has taught us that is probably asking too much, but with 32 GMs horny for upgrading their rosters, I want to believe something interesting can happen.
It’s in the spirit of that we have our TLN draft predictions post. We’ll have another one shortly looking at free agency. I feel like we are a bit all over the place in our opinions so let’s dive in. We had 9 writers participating, but only I gave …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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