To sign or not sign: Tyson Barrie

Tyson Barrie has been a polarizing player since he became a Leaf on July 1st last year. Many fans were upset because longtime Leaf Nazem Kadri went the other way. He had a poor start, although a certain coach could be to blame for that. Once Sheldon Keefe took over, he gave Barrie a chance to shine, and he briefly excelled before he got even more criticism. He shot too often for some people’s liking, he was a wreck defensively, stuff like that. It even reached the point where most fans were begging for him to be traded at the deadline for some kind of return at the cost of competing for a Cup.
Of course, that all ended up being for nothing, unless some form of a season can be salvaged, and as a result, the trade for him may have been a waste, although that is at the fault of nobody.
Unless, there is a chance he can be re-signed, and he can continue to be a Leaf. Let’s take a look at how Barrie did and what kind of contract he can demand in order to see if the Leafs should bring him …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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