To the surprise of no one, Hutchinson clears waivers and Kaskisuo is recalled

Michael Hutchinson (TOR) clears waivers.
— Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) November 12, 2019
As hard as it may be to believe, teams weren’t lining up to put in claims for a goaltender who has gone 0-4-1 and in his first five starts, and has a .879 save percentage on the year. Considering that Hutchinson is nearly 30, and has a career save percentage of .906, well, that’s probably a good reminder that things aren’t going to get a whole lot better for him, and he’s now sliding into his ideal role, of 3rd string, emergency callup goaltender.
For the record, I never thought Hutchinson would be a good idea, but what are you going to do, and what can you really say when you were so adamant the Leafs move on from Sparks (still the right decision) and didn’t have money to spend on a capable/proven backup.
Hutchinson was put in over his head and by working exclusively on the second half of back to backs, he was also largely set up to fail. A true NHL backup will find a way to steal some of those back to backs for you, but like I said, Hutchinson was in over …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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