Top Leafs Outside the NHL: Where does Barabanov fit in?

Yesterday we wrapped up our countdown of the top Leafs outside the NHL. Or so you thought. We have one more player to discuss. He kinda fell through the cracks as we completed our rankings before he became a Leaf, and now it’s worth discussing where Alexander Barabanov fits in to the conversation.
When looking at our list, we’ve got Timothy Liljegren at the #1 spot. He’s considered fully NHL ready by our voters, and scored only slightly lower than Nick Robertson for what we perceived his upside to be. Barabanov isn’t slotting in at #1.
Nick Robertson’s upside puts him ahead of Barabanov as well, especially since Robertson could very much be in the fight for the same job as Barabanov come training camp time. Odds are Barabanov will see NHL time before Robertson, but there is little doubt that Robertson will have a bigger impact.
That brings us to Agostino and Petan. On paper they are all pretty similar. They’ve done great outside the NHL, but there are question marks on if they can stick in the NHL for a season. They are all undersized, but know how …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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