Top NHL Buyout Candidates in the 2022 Offseason

When NHL General Managers are tasked with opening up cap space during the offseason, the buyout is a unique accommodation. In many cases it allows a GM to shift much of the burden of a bad contract into the tenure of the next GM. If their job is on the line and they can immediately reclaim 66% of a player’s cap hit, it’s not that difficult to justify the long-term pain of a buyout.
Here’s the rundown on how buyouts work: Signing bonuses cannot be bought out. For players over the age of 25, two-thirds of the remaining salary is spread over twice the years remaining. For players 25 or younger it’s one-third. Then the difference between actual salary and cap hit is factored in. Assume a 30 year old player has a cap hit of $4m and two seasons remaining on their contract, and the salary is $4m then $5m. Two-thirds of $9m remaining, divided over 4 years is $1.5m. That is the buyou …

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Author: Earl Schwartz / The Leafs Nation

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