Toronto Marlies report cards: Goalies

One of the fascinating parts to this season for the Toronto Marlies was their goaltending.
The team had eight goaltenders dress for them this season, which is likely a record for Toronto. In the midst of it all, we saw Joseph Woll take a massive step this season. We even got to see Frederik Andersen play a few games. That was weird.
Since there were so many goalies that played, I’ve narrowed down the grading to the net-minders who have an immediate impact to the Leafs organization heading into next season.
That means Andersen, Kai Edmonds, Angus Redmond and Andrew D’Agostini won’t be featured. But I do want to mention the last player on that list.
The rise of Andrew D’Agostini
D’Agostini, a 28-year-old from Scarborough anchored the Marlies down at the start of their season.
Toronto’s goalie depth was thin after they had injuries, as well as losing Aaron Dell on waivers. The Leafs’ would have to call up Joseph Woll which meant that D’Agostini was the AHL starter.
With most of his time spent in the ECHL and SPHL, the 28-year-old was thrown in and asked to float.
He did more …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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