Toronto prepares for the NBA Finals — and its potential outcomes

The Raptors are in their first ever NBA Finals! They’ll be taking on the three-time champion Golden State Warriors. Here are the outcomes that could be coming our way. Blessed be our big-time friends at SB Nation’s main vertical who had the wherewithal to enumerate how exactly the Raptors would win their NBA Finals series against the Golden State Warriors. That’s right, through six well-argued points, Mike Prada and Tom Ziller, praise be upon them, give us in Toronto a surfeit of reasons to believe in the Raptors’ chances against a juggernaut.
I think you’ll forgive me, however, if I suggest the Warriors are likely still favoured. As Prada and Ziller explain, there are things working in Toronto’s favour — home court advantage, the absence of Kevin Durant for at least one game, Kawhi Leonard being terrifyingly good — but the Warriors have won three of the last four titles, and that didn’t happen by accident.
Still, the series hasn’t started yet! There are a plethora of potential outcomes that could happen. In that spirit, let’s try to emotionally and mentally prepare for what’s coming in the NBA Finals — a win, a loss, …

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ

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