Toronto Temperature: Big decisions lie ahead for Nick Nurse in Game 3

The Raptors had an up-and-down week, splitting a pair of games with Philadelphia at home. Kawhi Leonard was great, but the bench left something to be desired. Let’s take the Temperature. Not much is hot for the Raptors following Game 2. They had a fantastic Game 1, with efficient nights from Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam, but Game 2 highlighted problems that have been creeping up. Can the Raptors afford to have only one starter on the floor? Should Marc Gasol be matching up with Joel Embiid? Will Nick Nurse use a tenth man?
There are more questions than answers this week, which makes it a perfect time to take a Toronto Temperature. But first, I must apologize in advance for Kawhi Leonard making the cut twice in “Who’s Hot” this week. He was both a fun guy and a good basketball player. It’s hard to let that go.
Who’s Hot

Kawhi Leonard, Straight Line Drives

Looking back at clips from Game 1, you can see Leonard’s superior driving ability. On a few plays, when you freeze the clip, you think, well, he can’t get the rim, Jimmy Butler is right in front of him. They’ll probably …

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Author: Ben_Scott / Raptors HQ

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