TSN has picked their All-Time Leafs Team. We have thoughts…

TSN damn well knows it’s an impossible task to get this kind of thing 100% right and that people are going to debate it heavily online. We thank them for that. That’s the kind of good natured sports discussion we should be shooting for. Before looking at the TSN lists, or our lists, I want to review the criteria they used. It’s important because it’s not as straight forward as just picking 18 great players and 2 goalies…
TSN All-Time Team Eligibility Criteria
□ Team: two goalies, six defencemen, 12 forwards and one foundational player
□ Members must have played at least 225 games with the Leafs
□ At least one member of the all-time team must be from the 2019-20 Leafs
□ Players are slotted in positions they played with the Leafs
□ One line must be comprised of defensive standouts, aka a checking line
□ One pair must be comprised of suffocating defenders, aka a shutdown pair
□ Lines and pairs are put together because they fit together, not because they are necessarily the first, second and third best at their positions
□ Foundational players are defined as players part of the fabric – the DNA – of a franchise
□ Last cuts …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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