Tulloch: Tyson Barrie Can Be Effective if the Maple Leafs Just Let Him

I’m officially back writing at Leafs Nation!

Important announcement: I’m coming home.
Officially going to be writing a weekly column at @TLNdc this season (which is where I used to write before I started hiding behind the paywall)
Unlocked Two-lock #content baby!pic.twitter.com/lbS3ANHiCp
— Ian Tulloch (@IanGraph) October 29, 2019

This is where I got my first “big break” in the industry, when Jeff Veillette signed me to a PTO off of Leafs Reddit in 2017. Most of my stuff these days is hidden behind the paywall over at The Athletic, but this weekly column should be a fun way to give everyone a chance to read some of my thoughts on the Leafs.
The first topic I’m going to tackle is a confusing one.
Here’s a look at the dynamic offensive defenceman the Toronto Maple Leafs acquired over the offseason.

I’m not sure what happened to that player, but he hasn’t suited up for the Maple Leafs Leafs since game one of the regular season. Tyson Barrie has always been one of the most involved offensive players in the NHL. I wrote about that over the offseason, breaking down just how often the puck …

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Author: Ian Tulloch / The Leafs Nation

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