Tunesday: High hopes, new energy and a great Leafs November

Welcome, all to our third instalment of Tunesday! If you’re new around here this is the article where I dissect 5-7 songs that describe how the leafs played In the two weeks prior, for this edition, it’s three. It is a companion piece to the Not Enough of Blue playlist which is available everywhere you stream your music. As always it will be linked at the end of the article. Keeping with the theme of our second edition it’s an overall good vibe. The Toronto Maple Leafs feel different this year and their play up until now has proved it. 12-2-0 in November, 7 straight road wins, another California sweep, this team is doing amazing things right now. Let’s take a look at some music that reflects that. 
Up first we have the classic that is Dream On – Aerosmith. This song in particular represents the tough times that Aerosmith once went through. So although they were just beginning and obviously not succeeding musically, not selling albums and such. This song was a way for them to hold themselves accountable. This was a way of saying hold on to the feeling and the passion that drives you, …

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Author: Marsha Joseph / The Leafs Nation

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