Unpopular Opinion: Give Denis Malgin a chance

The mention of Denis Malgin has already sent a lot of you to a bad place. Mason Marchment’s stat line is now playing over and over in your head and you are reflecting on how a 6’4 power forward the Leafs could have desperately used was dealt for a 5’9 winger who put up zero points in eight games for the Leafs before playing the next two seasons in Switzerland. The trade, one that seemed designed to give Mason Marchment an opportunity somewhere is understandably condemned. That said, Denis Malgin was prematurely condemned and it’s worth trying to see what can still be taken away from that trade.
The thing is, Denis Malgin has had two very productive seasons in the Swiss league. Yes, I am aware I just said the Swiss league, but being at the top of a European league is better than nothing. It’s also encouraging that he had 12 points in games at the World Hockey Championship. He can at least put up numbers against hungover NHLers. In short (pun not intended) Malgin has a bit of pro …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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