Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and ‘load management’

The Blue Jays can thank the Raptors for bringing the phrase “load management” into the Toronto sports lexicon. With the aid of their athletic department, the Raptors throttled Kawhi Leonard’s usage during the 2018-2019 NBA regular season, which kept him healthy enough to lead the Raps to a title.

The Blue Jays are in a similar predicament with the face of their franchise: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Whether the Blue Jays high performance department wants to admit it or not, they’re using a similar load management method with Guerrero.
Fans were disappointed to learn about Vladdy’s unscheduled off day this past Sunday, a super premium game (one of only three on the 2019 Blue Jays schedule) against the New York Yankees. Since it was an A+ game on the schedule, tickets were priced at the upper tier of the dynamic pricing scale.
Luckily, Guerrero was brought in as a pinch-hitter and provided an epic 13-pitch at bat against Aroldis Chapman, but fans bargained to see Vladdy in more than one plate appearance.
I had to look through the schedule to confirm this, but yes, the Blue Jays are throttling Guerrero’s game usage. Feel free to scroll through the …

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Author: Ian Hunter / Blue Jays Nation

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