Was Jim Matheson right about the Leafs needing “greasy forwards”?

You answered no to this didn’t you? It’s fun to answer no to title questions and frankly it’s uninspired to title posts like that. You’re right to be mad. You’re also right to be hesitant about agreeing with something that Jim Matheson said, but I think it at least warrants a little discussion.
First the tweet from Matty…

You ask pro scouts about the Leafs and it’s pretty universal: Leafs need one or two greasy forwards like a healthier Antoine Roussel. Are they that hard to find? Easier to find them than goal-scorers, right?
— Jim Matheson (@NHLbyMatty) October 24, 2019
There it is. Now let’s start by immediately throwing out the Antoine Roussel part. Roussel is too damned expensive to make sense. If you think of it as the Leafs needing greasy forwards, that’s a bit more agreeable, especially after the departure of Kadri.
I think the notion of a “greasy” player rubs a lot of people the wrong way, because morally we should have a problem with slewfoots, suspensions, biting, head shots, after the whistle garbage, etc. It’s fine that you think this, but the fact that you become so outraged when …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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