What does 2019 tell us about the Blue Jays chances in Weird Year?

Before I get into this I’m going to put the disclaimer right at the top: I have deep and unrelenting reservations about the wisdom of even trying to play baseball this year, this is not me endorsing the idea. But they seem determined to and given that circumstance, I confess to having a bit of a fetish for the sort of speculation which follows, which is this: What can we learn from 2019 as we attempt to forecast how the Blue Jays might fare in this bizarre short season?
Admittedly, all of this is highly speculative, given that they do not operate in a vacuum (i.e. how other teams have changed affects how competitive they are relative to the Jays in any given game) and given that no player simply reproduces the same level of production year over year. But the temptation to try and read the tea leaves is irresistible so I’m gonna do it.
One more small disclaimer. This must be considered at least in passing:

Passan notes on Writers Bloc that if the Blue Jays hold Nate Pearson down for 7 days, then they’ll get an extra year of control. HAVE AT IT TWITTER.
& …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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